Spring Games 2014
The Male and Female Winner will receive:
        -customized tank top or t-shirt
        -glass trophy
        -$100 gift card

Any player who places in the top 10 of 5 or more events or places 1st 
in an event in their age group will receive a Spring Games 2014 t-shirt.

How to win: 
The Male and Female with the most total points at 4pm
on May 3rd are declared Champions of the 2014 Spring Games.

How to get points: 
You must be in the final top 10 of an event to earn points.
            1st place in an event = 10points
            2nd = 9pts
            3rd = 8pts
            4th = 7pts
            5th = 6pts
            6th = 5pts
            7th = 4pts
            8th = 3pts
            9th = 2pts
            10th = 1pt

*Age Boost*
If you are 30 years old or older you will get more points!
Your age boost number will be multiplied to your points above.
            Age Group : Age Boost
            30-39 : 1.25
            40-49 : 1.5
            50-59 : 1.75
            60+ : 2
Example: Someone age 62 places 1st place in an event = 20pts